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Support for GMs and Players alike for 5e, Age of Sigmar: Soulbound, Pathfinder, and more

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June, 2023

Grab a slice of life with your quest! You sit at the intersection of the mundane and fantastical and say, "I can have it both ways!" This issue is for you. Unbound is a ttrpg zine that is published monthly. Each issue is a collection of resources, from adventures and playbooks to articles and editorials, that you can bring to your table.


anansi cover.jpeg

July, 2023

Anansi’s Tapestry of Lives is a must-have compendium built around 110 fully illustrated unique and useful NPCs that you and your players will love. 


BW Promo Art featuring a spider stag

Now in Preorder

Broken Weave is a post-apocalyptic tragic fantasy setting for 5e, where hope and community is the only path forward.


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January 2023

The dragon issue, featuring We Ride Dragons by Willy Abeel, Granny's Concoctions by Jessica Marcrum, and The Gilded Flight by Carlos Cisco!

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In Previews

What if the normal monsters you're already using were more fun to run and more fun to fight? Featuring over 300 monsters for 5e!


uncharted journeys cover.jpeg

December, 2022

Uncharted Journeys brings detailed travel rules to the 5th edition of the world’s most popular roleplaying game and provides in-depth yet simple rules for creating memorable and compelling journeys. Make travel a fun and rewarding part of your 5e game!


Slayers Almanac cover featuring the title on a blue background

May, 2022

The Slayers Almanac is a system-agnostic setting supplement for the Slayers RPGs. Filled with districts for you to travel through, maps to wander across, and rumors leading to your next big hunt.


A musclar man in a strategically opened, tight shirt lounging in a chair, rainbow flag draped over h

February, 2022

Welcome to the inaugural issue of the Queerfinder Society's travel magazine, a guide to Golarion from queer creators and allies focused on queer characters and stories!


An elven woman holding a bow and kneeling on a snowdrift, wolves pinned by arrows surrounding her

January, 2022

ARCADIA 12 is here! Featuring So Your Best Friend is a Monster by Jessica Marcrum, Fey of the Shadowfell by Jonathan Connor Self, and The Stuff of Nightmares by Carlos Cisco


A textbook with teeth, the title held between the fangs

October, 2021

Creepy Monster Compendium is a book of 28 original monsters for 5th edition. These creatures are setting neutral ranging from CR 1/4 to 16 all ready to appear at your table with stat blocks and accompanying lore.

Contributor & editor

An overlook of a magical city full of creatures, magic shops, and spells floating in the air

September, 2021

One of the largest issues of ARCADIA yet, featuring Subclasses of the Hag, Monstrous Components, and the Emerald Exchange.

A crowned skull of a lich, screaming while trapped in a spiderweb.png

September, 2021

D&D Celebration 2021 kicked off with the Dungeon Master Challenge, and the first stage of entry was creating a complex trap. Ranging from painful to lethal, these traps take on a life of their own—some literally.

A vampire pirate captain wearing a massive hat and wiping blood from her lips as lighting strikes be

April, 2021

Beware the ship with blood-stained sails, landlubbers. It may be the last thing you ever see! Meet Captain Fulmini, a vampire who can harness the power of the high seas with an unquenchable thirst for revenge. ENnie Award nominee for Best Monster/Adversary.


Soulbound Bestiary: Mortals face off against a raging titan

March, 2021

  • Over 180 terrifying new foes to use in your Soulbound campaign!

  • Gamemaster advice on building exciting and memorable encounters, and how to use Doom to give an extra edge to these conflicts.

  • Detailed descriptions of each creature and faction, including advice, tactics, and rumours!


Playing Possums: a smiling possum plays with an armadillo and badger puppet while surrounded by toys

March, 2021

  • 4 Animalfolk player character origins

  • Parentages and upbringings compatible with An Elf And An Orc Had A Little Baby

  • 4 Animalfolk feats for each new origin

  • 14 Animalfolk NPCs for your players to meet, befriend or fight


Two people heading into a magical looking forest

November, 2020

Welcome to the Feywild, a land of stories, danger, and fey! In this book, we take a closer look at the politics, geography, and residents of the Feywild.


The Cheshire Cat from Alice in Wonderland

November, 2020

Ten tiny terrors for 5e inspired by pop culture and classic literature.

Brave Punishments

September, 2020

For anyone who thinks tabletop fantasy is too fantastical, Brave Punishments provides tables to fill out the background of any criminal, charlatan, spy, or generally societally displeasing character.

Solo creator

zhent cover.png

August, 2020

Join the most infamous organization in Faerûn, using the secrets within this book to run a campaign featuring the Zhentarim and their stronghold of Darkhold itself.


Tables of Overlooked Treasure Cover Comp

June, 2020

All that glisters is not gold— Often have you heard that told.

These tables integrate a bit of everyday treasure into your role-playing. 

The Tables of Overlooked Treasure are compatible with 5e, WFRPG, Call of Cthulhu, PbtA, & more. 

Solo creato

Book of Cats cover

June, 2020

From the tiny sand cat to the massive cath palug, the Big Book of Cats contains 40 new felines plus several old friends to delight and devour you! It's the purrfect supplement for any table looking to evade danger by a whisker or just have a good time kitten around. 

Producer & Writer

Catnip Druid Cover

June 2020

A love of nature is intrinsic to any druid, but druids joining the Circle of Catnip love very particular aspects of nature. Namely, sunshine, the ability to transform and commune with great feline creatures, and the cultivation of catnip itself. A Catnip Druid is likely to be found basking for hours in the sunlight, only to suddenly sprint off to a random location with their claws drawn.

The Circle of Catnip goes particularly well with the Big Book of Cats


Screen Shot 2020-04-25 at 10.12.51

April, 2020

Expand your game with this collection of 20 unique NPCs of various Challenge Ratings. Each NPC is designed so they can used as an ally, or as an enemy. We’ve even included several quest ideas for each of the NPCs, three of which have detailed mini adventures and a map.



Path of the Stray

January 2020

While many tabaxi suppress the more animalistic aspects of their feline heritage, certain barbarians revel in tapping into a primal rage. These cats, and those who admire them, follow the Path of the Stray. While raging, they destroy anything they see, hissing at friend and foe alike.


it's dangerous cover.png

It's Dangerous to Go Alone

September, 2019

It's Dangerous to Go Alone is a collection of six non-playable characters (NPCs) and six trainable baby monsters to help protect you on your journey through the dangerous waters of the Blood Sea, plus three all-new monsters to threaten your journey.

Solo creator

Villains and lairs 4 cover.png

Villains & Lairs IV: Villains & Lairs IV - the Dead, Damned, & Decaying

September, 2019

Expand your game with this collection of 40 unique NPCs of various Challenge Ratings, ten of which include maps and details of their lairs. Add these NPCs as a side-quest, a main villain, a one-shot, a bounty for easy money, or however else you wish.


mistkickers cover.png

Mistkickers: Sidekicks of Ravenloft

September, 2019

MISTKICKERS is a DMsguild community project of gothic horror sidekicks guaranteed to make your life a misery. 

With 20 archetypes, you need never be alone again.


Bearthazar cover.png

Bearthazar's House of Familiars

August, 2019

Welcome, one and all, to Bearthazar's House of Familiars

Over 50 new familiars, companions and critters for your 5th edition game. 

  • Find the perfect pet, from familiar animals like Sloths to bizarre new creatures like the Teacup Chimaera, the Rug Mule and the Man Drake

  • Haggle with Mr Bearthazar over the price (naturally) and purchase from his suggested upgrades (such as changes in colour, fluffy baskets, or other miscellanea)

  • Learn the secret formula to summon your familiar once more should it perish (or if you kick it off a cliff for eating all your rations)

  • New Ranger Companions, Wizarding Familiars, Pact of the Chain Beasties and Unique or Powerful Companions are all included inside


morty corgi cover.png

Morty Corgi's Scroll of Mysteries

August, 2019

Morty Corgi’s Scroll of Mysteries is an expansion for Realms of Pugmire and includes:

• New Breeds, Callings and Houses
• New Backgrounds
• New Masterworks
• New Enemies and NPCs to populate your Realms of Pugmire campaign
• Dozens of new Tricks, Secrets, and Spells


cat burglar cover.png

Cat Burglar

August, 2019

There is probably no race so suited for burglary as the tabaxi, and well-heeled tabaxi are embarrassed to admit it. Every family has their black cat, however, and many tabaxi have answered the nighttime call to criminality. Acrobats, assassins, appraisers, and thieves, they take to the roofs of cities to steal what they can and vanish into the night.

Solo creator

F4 Cover.png

Friends, Foes, and Other Fine Folks

August, 2019

Friends, Foes and Other Fine Folks is a collection of 58 NPCs who represent the diverse community that plays 5th edition dungeons and dragons. This includes, but is not limited to, representations of various genders, races, physical characteristics, orientations, personalities and disabilities.



Grandmother Crookbesom's Book of Hags

June, 2019

Wicked godmothers, canny predators or classic malicious crones, Grandmother Crookbesom’s Book of Hags has something for you.

With a diverse gaggle of 13 cackling witches, each with an array of plans from the petty to the momentous, we give you the gift of over 50 interactions to add a hag into your next adventure.


Caterwauling cover_edited.png

College of Caterwauling

June, 2019

Designed to feature the unique assets of the tabaxi performer but open to all, he College of Caterwauling focuses primarily on the voice.

A graduate of the College of Cauterwauling can unsheathe their claws to strike fear into the bravest hearts, torment the most stalwart minds, and possess their enemies’ very souls. 

This subclass also contains 2 Caterwauling NPCs. 

Solo creator

villains and lairs 2.png

Villains & Lairs 2

April, 2019

Revolutionize your game with this collection of 28 villainous NPCs, from small fry to world-ender, eight of which include maps and details of their lairs. Sinister side-quests, terrifying overlords, bounties, one-shots and more lie in wait for you inside.


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