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Oops All Draculas.png

October, 2021

You've always wondered what was just beyond the doors of the spooky house at the end of the block. Turns out, it's full of Draculas. Now, those Draculas are you. Created for Dracula Jam, this recreation of The Coven at the End of the Lane is sure to satisfy whatever you want to do in the shadows.

d36 Cover featuring swirling read and black ink and the outline of an anatomical drawing of a skelet

February, 2021

d36 is a zine of strange RPG content that doesn't comfortably fit anywhere else. Random tables. Micro-systems. New games. Spells for your OSR dragon game of choice. The content inside d36 is as varied and eclectic as the creators designing it.


The Coven at the End of the Lane.png

The Coven at the End of the Lane

August, 2020

You've always wondered what was just beyond the doors of the spooky house at the end of the block. Now, make it your very own.

Operation Cat Chat cover.png

June, 2020

Created for WretchedJam, Operation: Cat Chat is a solo game you can play with your cat.  It is a game about loneliness, connection, and what goes on in your cat’s mind.

Dumpster Fire (1).png

April, 2020

Created for TrashJam 2020, Dumpster Fire is the perfect Lasers and Feelings hack for a socially isolated world. Play as either Trash Connoisseur, Panda, Screamer, or Lit.

A Hero's Journey-min.png

A Hero's Journey

November, 2019

Created for Galavant Jam, A Hero’s Journey is a role-playing game of fantasy, bravery, and song. Using a modified powered by the apocalypse system, 2-6 heroes and a director can befriend dragons, join a pirate crew, and find true love along the way.


Dammit, Moon Moon

November, 2019

Howl, prance, and realize you're perfect, no matter how good of a wolf you are. Created for Moon Jam 2019.

Erasure cover.png


August, 2019

Erasure is a social game of creeping horror and loss. It is a game of lies, truths, and the grey space between the two. Created for RainbowJam 2019, all donations go to the Trevor Project.

Nekomancy Cover.png


July, 2019

As many have often surmised, cats are the dominant species of this world. There is yet another world, far from this one, where cats walk upright and live in towers devoted to the study of spell craft. All cats have innate magic, but few choose to devote their life to studying it. These are the Nekomancers, and their world is one of sorcery and wonder. 

Welcome to the world of Nekomancy.

Squad Goals Cover.png

Squad Goals

May, 2019

SQUAD GOALS is a Saturday morning cartoon styled game where a team of great women from world folklore and mythology combine their skills to solve a problem. Each Heroine is from a rich and vibrant culture, but they are all united by their powerful abilities and their sense of the greater good. Together, they are an unstoppable team.