Writing by Jessica Marcrum

Fantasy & Feminism

“Each time a woman stands up for herself, without knowing it possibly, without claiming it, she stands up for all women.” 
― Maya Angelou

Notebook and Pen

Published Work

Cover of Uncaged volume 1 featuring a fashionable Medusa

Assorted adventures for 5e and more


bestiary cover.jpeg

Character and GM options for 5e, Age of Sigmar: Soulbound, Gothic Earth, Pugmire, Scarred Lands, Whispers in the Dark, and more

Operation: Cat Chat, a Wretched & Alone Game featuring a white cat pointing at two green catnip mice

Complete packages ready for play

Seasons Bundle Cover.png

ENnie nominee for Best Adventure

Producer & Writer

A deck of cards featuring a Medusa head. Text reads Uncaged Tarot

Tarot inspired by The Uncaged Anthology and lovingly created by several Uncaged Artists


Upcoming Projects

Hints of Mystery and Mayhem

Uncaged Goddesses

The follow-up to the ENnie award winning Uncaged series, Uncaged Goddesses features 21 Tier 4 adventures featuring neutral and evil D&D goddesses.


Secrets from the worlds of Age of Sigmar: Soulbound, Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay 4e, and more soon to be revealed.

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Cubicle 7's logo

Sirens: Battle of the Bards

A 5E campaign and setting where bards inspire revolution.


In collaboration with OnyxPath and Pugsteady, prepare to see a new side of Pugmire and the Monarchies


Slayers Almanac

Ten system-agnostic districts inspired by the ENnies-nominated game Slayers. .


Cryptids, Inc.

A Modern 5e Compatible Setting with Cryptids, New Classes, Adventures, and Lore.


Unlocked just hours after launch, cute horror story seeds are coming to Adept Icarus' Arium Kickstarter.

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Multiple mysteries abound...

Look for collaborations with Metalweave Games coming soon

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Tabaxi Subclasses

Cat-themed barbarians, druids, warlocks and more! Coming from the combined creative talents of Jessica Marcrum, Cat Evans, and David Markiwsky.

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Image by Mikhail Vasilyev

Silver ENnie Winner:

RPG Writers Workshop Instructor

ENnie nominees: 

My Immortal Loneliness Co-writer

Book of Seasons Solstices Producer & Writer

Uncaged Volume 1 Writer