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Jessica Marcrum, also known as angrynerdgirl, is an ENNIE-award winning game designer and writing director. She has created numerous best-selling games and supplements including the Book of Seasons and Oops All Draculas!, as well as contributing to publications for A Thinking Ape, Cubicle 7, Hit Point Press, MCDM, and The Onyx Path.

A social worker by day and actual play streamer by night, she is thrilled to be part of Magpie's Curated Play program. Find her at @Miss_Jess03 and angrynerdgirl or sign up to play with her. 

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Selected Partnerships

Freelancing, Fundraising, and Affiliations

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Sanity Checks and Stigma

Mental Health and Gaming

For CouchCon, I got to combine my two loves: mental health and tabletop gaming, and put together a panel with Shauntelle Benjamin, Noah Stevens, Quinn Rodriguez, Scriv the Bard, moderated by Lynne Meyer.

Donations during the stream went to support Doctors Without Borders. 

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