Jessica Marcrum, also known as angrynerdgirl, is a social worker and silver ENnie winner who dreams of crushing the patriarchy and recycling the rich. She has created numerous games and supplements including the Book of Seasons and Oops All Draculas!, as well as contributing to publications for A Thinking Ape, Cubicle 7, Hit Point Press, MCDM, and Onyx Path. She is thrilled to be part of Magpie's Curated Play program. Find her at @Miss_Jess03 and angrynerdgirl or sign up to play with her. 


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Sanity Checks and Stigma

Mental Health and Gaming

For CouchCon, I got to combine my two loves: mental health and tabletop gaming, and put together a panel with Shauntelle Benjamin, Noah Stevens, Quinn Rodriguez, Scriv the Bard, moderated by Lynne Meyer.

Donations during the stream went to support Doctors Without Borders.