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The Book of Seasons: Solstices

December, 2019

Every season has its rituals, each celebration its deeper mysteries...

Book of Seasons: Solstices features 20 original adventures for Tiers 1-4, each featuring unique art. Solstices features adventures based on Summer and Winter themes. Featuring the work of over 50 international creators, the Book of Seasons will soon be available in PDF and hardcover from DMsGuild.


A. Kelly Lane

Alicia Furness

Alison Huang

Ally Sulentic

Annamyriah de Jong

Cat Evans

Collette Quach

Jacky Leung

Jamie O'Duibhir

Jessica Marcrum

Jessica Ross

Jessica Washburn

Kristina Sisto Kindel

Lynne M. Meyer

Ma'At Crook

Miranda Mels

Nemo Bueno

Oliver Clegg

Samantha Lavender

TK Johnson


Alison Huang

Cat Evans

D.W. Dagon

David Markiwsky


Jennifer Peig

Kari Kawachi (Yutrio)

Kosta Sidero

Liz Gist

Luciella Scarlett

Ma'at Crook

Nichole Wilkinson

Sandy Jacobs-Tolle

Wouter Florusse

Xan Larson

Produced by Jessica Marcrum and Jennifer Peig. Cover art created in collaboration by David Markiwsky and Jennifer Peig. 

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