The adventures of three tieflings

Fridays at 8 pm EST on

Three tieflings have made it their mission to adventure through the entirety of the Uncaged Anthology and they won't stop until the do!


  • @Gwendybee as Idara Leto, the sword-wielding teethling

  • @@HealthPakStream as Euphoria, the ocarina playing bard

  • @TheseDeadPens as Ophelia, the warlock who is new to society.


Paws and Claws

Lost Tails of Pugmire

Tuesdays at 7 pm EST on

A ragtag team of brave dogs and their wily cat companion traverse the roads less traveled in the kingdom of Pugmire and the Monarchies of Mau to root out the Unseen wherever it may be found and bring home as much treasure as possible.  Featuring: 

  • @Lynne_M_Meyer as Bagel Corgi

  • @CriticalBard as Vincent Jackal

  • @Cam_B32 as Jean-Pierre Cachet

  • @Narlor Jenkins as Grimley Greyhound

  • @HoneyAndDice as Eartha Kitty

  • @WildWolf_8 as Mr. Tibbles

paws and claws.png

Sigil Spotlight

Industry creators spotlighting their work

Saturdays at 4 pm EST on

A majority BIMPoC/LGBTQAI+ cast composed of industry creators spotlighting our work through actual play. Each week, creators feature a new game system, adventure, class, artwork, and/or feature. 

  • @EugeneMarshall, DM/GM, host

  • @Miss_Jess03

  • @VicThHe

  • @KingLorathorn

  • @feliperealh

  • @jonconnorself 

Screen Shot 2020-04-25 at 10.38.23

Princesses Save Dragons

Currently on hiatus

A squad of princesses set off through a fairy tale land to rescue baby dragons from harm. Featuring: 

  • @CriticalBard as a lioness queen

  • @d20xtina as a chancla-wielding songstress abuela

  • @Lynne_M_Meyer as a princess turned general

  • @Margaret_Mae as a triton curious about the land

  • @PaleWhiteRabbit as the Snow Queen

Princesses Save Dragons (2).png
Rainbow and Waterfall
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